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User's feedback
I have used Orthofit system devices and Orthema orthotics for years and I’ve always had great results. Now I started using OrthoSwiss Brisbane as my lab instead of making them myself and I have had incredible outcomes. Almost no patients need adjustments as Thorsten is a perfectionist and his work is amazing. The Orthotics look good and are functional and comfortable. I am truly proud to dispense his orthotics to my patients. I would never go anywhere else. All I hear about other labs are nightmare stories... Thank goodness I found OrthoSwiss Brisbane!

Sarah Sweeney
Sarah Sweeney Podiatry, Hope Island QLD
After trialling several orthotic manufacturers, I was not satisfied with the long turnaround time, quality, or the high cost per device. I heard about OrthoSwiss Brisbane through a colleague, and have been using them exclusively for my orthotic manufacture for approximately twelve months.  I can say that I am completely satisfied with the service, quality of the devices and the support offered.  I also purchased an Orthofit Digitizer (Scanner), and my patients have been very happy with their insoles.  I have not had one complaint regarding comfort, fit, or quality.  

Kirsten Brown
Boonah Podiatry, Boonah QLD
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